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Friday, 14 March 2014

Sydney is a mixture of architectural wonders. Many question this intense diversity of influences. Throughout the years, from the colonization of Brits to globalization, the unique Australian architectural from native tribes that loved there, the essence of Sydney is now a mixture of impeccable buildings. At one glance you will see gothic. At another glance you will see expressionist. It is like a big museum of buildings. However, though someone might question Sydney style, there is no denying that this is also the greatest strength of the city. It offers a ton of options for interior designers to create modern and unique interior spaces. The diversity does not end there and the best part is that if you want to be inspired, all you have to do is take a walk across this amazing city.

There are a great number of iconic home and interior designers across Sydney. Some of them work on ultra-modern and globally appreciated designs. Some are more environmental and create designs based on elements around the space. Some try to evoke the old traditions of dwellings in various parts of the country. Of course some are very much inspired by the modern European and American designs. Mixing and matching elements have been some of the most popular ways of designing. Anyway, designing an existing space would only be possible if there is a compromise between the owner and the designer. Such aspects make designing interiors a challenge but of course the results are always fruitful at the end of the day.

Thai décor is popular all over the world. Using Thai décor on a modern space is a trend used by many designers. This is a great way to experiment with textures, colors, silhouettes, unexpected visual appeal and other factors. Ultra-modern homes need not to be too edgy or too stand-offish. The use of Thai designs can take a space and make it look softer, more desirable and of course more delightful. As much as modern design looks into the overall appeal of the design, Thai décor focuses on the details and the experience of having one inside a space.

When it comes to aesthetics and designer value, Thai design really is a fantastic option. Thai design is not just a flat visual design statement. You have to experience the piece. You have to hold it, look at it intently for the design to be fully recognized. Such is the allure of Thai design on a modern space.

The best piece of Thai design that can be used for a Sydney Interior would be the kalagas. This is an amazing piece of tapestry that has been hand woven using various kinds of threads to get the needed texture and appeal. Usually, the kalagas is incorporated with animal designs. Some kalagas also contain the unique Thai Zodiac and the designs are highly desirable and impactful.

Mixing softer, more alluring Thai pieces can make a space more and more impeccable and desirable. Sydney interiors will certainly look fun, amazing and dynamic with a touch of Thai décor.


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