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Friday, 14 March 2014

One of the most common questions within the online roulette community is this one, which numbers win roulette. It is very important that players understand the random sequence involved with roulette, and that prediction is nearly impossible. There is however a very clever system that we can use to help narrow down frequent and regular winning numbers.

It is said that nearly all roulette numbers have the same chance at winning on each and every spin as the next. Probability however tells us something completely different, if the number two wins this time then what happens next time. Spins play a very special part of building a winning roulette system, so now I'll explain the Screech theory.

Screech theory works on area reduction, in a way that is built upon past betting history. You will need 37 spin credits to complete area reduction with each spin providing the information for the next bet. Remember that you only need to win once to be in profit.

Choose any number on the roulette machine ranging from 1 - 37, remember to write everything down. This first roulette spin is very important and will begin the process of Screech theory. Now look at the distance of space between your betting position and the winning position, unless of course you have won. The idea is to monitor this distance and whether or not the winning number is getting closer or further away.

Knowing which numbers win roulette is very difficult, but knowing an area of the board more likely to present a winning number is more possible. If you can imagine the roulette table was a piece of cake divided equally into six pieces, then we can play roulette with a great advantage.

The Screech theory provides us with the two pieces of information, the first relevant part of the puzzle is the last winning number. If we take this last winning number and compare it with our own betting history, then we can monitor the probability of each spin.

If you bet £1 on 32 and the last winning number was 17, then you would place your next bet on 28. By repeating this pattern over the course of 37 spins, a player can reduce the area of the wheel. It is a system that covers the wheel in a random but regular pattern, over one revolution of the game itself. Roulette is all about patience, and knowing which numbers will win roulette by using a well organised betting history.
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